The new generation Opel Astra will have a 1.0-liter engine

March 4, 2015 at 7:14 pm

Pre-production version of the Opel Astra these days have already passed road tests. It is worth noting that the engines mounted on the Opel Astra, are environmentally friendly. At the same time, representatives of the German company to share some data about the upcoming new product.
The company said that the development of the car, which is considered a new step in a plan to create a new generation of cars, continues. So, the new generation Opel Astra will receive an evolutionary design and a little increase in size, making it more spacious. It is also noted that the new Opel Astra will be equipped with an innovative and environmentally friendly engine series Ecotec.

Opel Astra pics

Opel Astra image

In addition, the new generation Opel Astra will be built on a platform D2XX, which is used in the production of 2016 Chevrolet Volt.
The car will receive a modified front and rear lights, a new bumper, large rear spoiler and a few grown in size compared to the current generation. Representatives of the company Opel note that this car will receive an evolutionary exterior design.

Opel Astra picture

Opel Astra pics

The car will get a next-generation petrol and diesel engines 3 and 4 cylinders with a volume of 1.0 liters. Moreover, one of the power units of the new Opel Astra will turbo and will produce up to 115 hp at the minimum working volume.

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