Opel Strategy for Future

March 26, 2013 at 11:12 am

The new head of the German mark, Karl-Thomas Neumann noted that he is up to improving reputation and is going to make it a key strategic goal for Opel. The new head of Opel did not shelve solutions, bugt announced a new policy for the brand, the purpose of which will be a noticeable change of image and reputation of the German brand. At the moment, the long-term plan for Opel is called “Drive 2022″, which includes a new financing schemes, restructuring and other instruments designed by mid-decade to transform the company into a profitable one.

2013 Opel Cascada

2013 Opel Cascada Photo

In addition, Neuman said about the plans of the company, especially after the announcement of new products to market in the form of Mokka, Adam and Cascada. “Cars have never been a problem for Opel – we have been for many years one of the most powerful model lines. The complexity is in the opposite – despite all that, people still have not the best associations with cars Opel”, – said the head.

2013 Opel Cascada

2013 Opel Cascada Pic

Solution to this will be active expansion into new segments – by 2022 the market will enter 23 new cars of the brands. “If the brand is able to shine in the same way as it did for the last ten or fifteen years ago, I would not have to worry about, even in the current market,” – concluded Neuman. The purpose of the head, he said, to make Opel cause pride in the products and the brand in general.

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