Opel prepares a new budget hatchback

August 2, 2014 at 4:27 pm

CEO Opel Karl-Thomas Neumann said in an interview with the publication Financial Times, the company is preparing to launch a new model, which will take place in the line between the brand and the Opel Adam Opel Corsa.

Opel Corsa Pic

Opel Corsa Pic

The new budget hatchback designed for the European market, where Opel models available to replace a line of Chevrolet. The latter, along with Opel is part of the group GM, will be launched with the Western European market in 2016 in order to reduce the complexity of the line American companies in Europe and thereby increase sales.

Opel hachback photo

Opel hatchback photo

It is expected that future Opel models budget line for the European market will be able to compete for customers with car brand Dacia. About the model while it is known only that it will cost about 7000 euro, and probably will be called Viva. Prototypes of the car are already undergoing road tests, and the premiere of a production version to be held in 2015. The range of hatchback engines will include petrol and diesel engines from 69 to 100 horsepower.

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