Opel Crossland X model will complement Mokka in a line-up (part 1)

January 31, 2017 at 10:03 pm

Opel Crossland X Crossover developed in conjunction with the PSA concern is a new model in the brand’s line-up. The designers pursued the aim to attract customers who prefer the tiny, bright and well-transformed SUVs.

Crossland-X model in the Opel SUV's line up pic

Crossland-X model in the Opel SUV’s line up pic

It is interesting that the novelty is smaller than the Mokka model. However, the five-seat car has a larger trunk that is equal to 410 liters instead of 356 liters. At the folded seats of the second row, the trunk capacities can increase up to 1372 liters instead of 1255 liters. By the way, the back seats are adjustable for reach by 150 mm (in a forward position the volume can lead 520 liters) and folded in the proportions 60/40. As for the other Opel Crossland X dimensions, they are 4212 mm in length, 1765 mm in width and 1590 mm in height.

A panoramic roof is one of the design elements image

A panoramic roof is one of the design elements image

As for the new crossover’s design, the carmakers provided the car by a panoramic roof. In addition, it will be possible to order the roof with few contrasting colors. The Crossland X SUV will debut firstly in February at a special show in Berlin. Of course, in March the crossover will also be presented in Geneva, where the visitors can see and get more information about the novelty.

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