New overview: Opel Zafira minivan part I

January 30, 2015 at 4:00 pm

Against the background of an infinite number of identical cars it is so nice to have a really unusual model. A sure way to create them as such a cool car is, for example, the glass roof! Useless thing! – Say the pragmatists. But it’s not at all. In particular, if the roof is turning the windshield, as in our test Opel Zafira.
Huge panoramic windscreen evaluates the best out of the car. However, the uninitiated it does not appreciably at a glance. Glass roof is closed inside a massive sliding shutter fixed in the grooves guide rails. It looks like a standard headliner. It has also fixed conventional visors to protect a sunny day from blinding the best daylight.
In general, the illusion of a full complete roof so when a friend before you open the shutter wide sweep of his hand, the surprise will have no limit. It seems that you open the door from the inside to the outside.

Opel Zafira pics

Opel Zafira picture

Horizon and the sky appear to passengers. You feel that you are sitting not in the car, and in a light aircraft with a glass cover.

Opel Zafira pics

Opel Zafira image

In order to accommodate such a glass body Zafira had ahead of time to make the design of its body changes. Strut stiffness in the roof were moved back a little, and in the intervals between them managed to embed the glass blocks. Thus, not only in the minivan windshield crawls to the top, but the ceiling of the second row is also transparent.

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