Three-door Opel Adam in Geneva

March 6, 2013 at 11:39 am

As the Geneva Motor Show has opened its doors to the car lovers and car automakers, Opel decided not to wait and shock the visitors with its Ace-project. The Opel Adam concept presented in Geneva, in theory, looks stronger and more compact than conventional Adam. Thus offering its freedom-loving owner to stand out from the crowd.

2013 Opel Adam Rocks

2013 Opel Adam Rocks Photo

By ontsept Opel Adam Rocks, according to experts GM, opens up a new market segment – urban mini-crossover class. Adam in order to become the brightest representative of it increased by 15 mm its ground clearance, widened by 40 mm the gauge and attached a folding fabric roof. Opel Adam Rocks – is a representative of auto-parkour, freerunning and parkour. Urban athlete wears elbow pads and knee pads – they surround the car from the down side. The fresh look of its appearance are added by the boomerangs of lighting, located in the center of the stern of the exhaust tube “style OPC” and 18-inch wheels with brakes lurks Brembo.

2013 Opel Adam Rocks

2013 Opel Adam Rocks Pic

The main feature of the concept of Adam Rocks is, of course, not in an imaginary all-terrain, but in its cabrio body style. Electric folding roof folds without limiting the space for luggage.The personalization program for the three-door model already has 61,000 options of appearance and almost 82,000 of the interior.

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