Opel will not produce sedan larger than Insignia

December 31, 2014 at 3:50 pm

In an interview with the president of the European Car Magazine division of General Motors, Karl-Thomas Neumann said that in the coming years, Opel will not produce particularly large sedan. According to a top manager, Europe now does not need big cars, and the future of the brand for models like Adam.
Neumann made it clear that the Insignia sedan remains the most important brands of Opel, and in the coming years, the Germans are not going to produce a larger car with the same body. “Segment cars, bigger our flagship sedan is very narrow and intense. Given the fact that our customers are quite conservative in their preferences, we are quite hard to get into this niche. In addition, we believe that now is the notion of “premium car” changed due to the new possibilities of individualization Adam can be considered a modern premium cars “, – he said.

Insignia 2014 pics

Insignia 2014 picture

In addition, Neuman explained why Chevrolet left the European market: “In contrast to all over the world, in Europe, this brand is positioned as an extremely low cost and customer cars” Chevrolet “was associated primarily with the brand Daewoo. Similar products also have Opel, with the result that sales suffered two companies. ”

Insignia 2014 pics

Insignia 2014 image

According to the German, who manages GM Europe over the past two years, the current generation model Zafira is “too large and expensive” and the next version of the car will be more crossovers. “Design Zafira and Meriva will change and become more emotional and city”, – said Karl-Thomas Neumann.

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