Opel Cascada – the champion of ADAC crash tests

December 19, 2014 at 9:59 pm

German club ADAC, the largest public organization of motorists in Europe, is building its own ratings and regularly conducts crash tests. In a recent series of tests was attended gigs Opel Cascada, Peugeot 308 CC, Renault Megane CC and the Volkswagen Golf Cabrio.
ADAC – Universal German Automobile Club – the largest public organization of motorists in Germany, the largest in Europe. Automobile deals with problems of the automotive industry, automotive and motorsports. Much attention club gives comparative analysis and verification of the claimed quality of the car manufacturer, their bench tests, including crash tests for durability and reliability of the body and safety features of vehicles.

Opel Cascada image

Opel Cascada pics

Winner Opel Cascada though it lost a wheel, got 1.6 points – rated ‘good’. Testers found “satisfactory” defense in the first row of seats in the gallery all even “very good” due to the active system roll-over protection and automatic levers. One of the most important safety systems Opel Cascada is an active system roll-over protection, which is a rigid steel beams assigned to the rear seat backrest.

Opel Cascada pics

Opel Cascada picture

Passive safety system Opel Cascada presented full-size airbags, enlarged side airbags which provide additional protection for the head and are standard on every new Opel Cascada.

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