Opel Antara Overivew

March 28, 2013 at 12:36 pm

Opel Antara model doesn’t need any special introduction. A collaboration of engineers from “Opel” and the Korean branch of “Chevrolet” made a perfect model that won fame because of the quite unpretentious and relatively inexpensive crossover. A recent facelift has almost not changed its appearance, but transformed the core of the car: interior gained a fraction of nobility.

2013 Opel Antara

2013 Opel Antara Photo

The new 2.4-liter gasoline engine has added three dozens of “horses”, but still has the same volume. And the clearance was lowered by 176 mm. The core of the model was refined, and thus the model handling became much better.

2013 Opel Antara

2013 Opel Antara Pic

In 2007, the debut car had a price of about 22,450$. A year ago the pre-restyling version could be bought for 23,300$. Now the price tag starts at about 25,500$. Another 1,000$ will be needed of you would want the Antara with the automatic transmission. “Opel” was among the expensive and reliable crossovers. Though the biggest plus of the model is the ful-drive and good fuel economy performance.

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