Opel Adam R2 on the European routes

December 18, 2014 at 2:39 am

Opel ADAM R2 caused a furore in the European race tracks and showed itself a worthy competitor in the first year of the international registration (homologation). In 39 races pilots who was riding the 190-hp strong Adam R2, scored 28 victories in the class / division and four national championships.
Last weekend Adam R2 racing unit Opel Motorsport improved results during the French Rally. In the season finale pilot Yoan Bonato beat 42 rivals in the Rally du Var in southern France, was the winner of the season and won the championship in the category R2. Charlotte Berton for the fifth time confirmed its success, winning the Women’s Championship Rally of France.

Opel Adam R2 image

Opel Adam R2 pics

Opel factory pilot Marijan Griebel has won six of the eight stages of the national championship in Germany Rally Championship as well as the ADAC GT Masters, and won the fifth division before the start of the final race of the season. In addition, Griebel won in the category of R2 on one of the stages of the World Rally Championship – Rally ADAC in Germany.

Opel Adam R2 pics

Opel Adam R2 picture

In the championship of Spain Rally dominated Esteban Vallin of the Spanish team Red Opel Motorsport. For eight wins in the class pilot awarded the title of champion in the category R2. He also finished second in the second division among pilots front-wheel drive and finished fourth in the overall standings.