Opel Plans to Steal Buyers from Audi

January 25, 2013 at 9:11 am

Recently we have heard this interesting statement at one of the press-conferences of the Opel company, though the company didn’t state it in direct words, but the summery in this sentence is quite truthful and concrete, coming along the plans of the automaker. To help in this interesting goal is supposed to a new complete convertible model Cascada.

2013 Convertible Opel Carcada

2013 Convertible Opel Carcada Photo

It is not a secret that when working on Cascada Opel honestly and openly confessed to choosing Audi A5 as a focus and a main competitor. Now the new generation car model was unveiled, simultaneously convincing the public that in terms of exterior and interior equipment the model is more than a decent “fighter”, ready to challenge the Ingolstadt. The last word was actually at the hands of a price tag of Cascada, and here Opel inflicted the most painful blow for Audi.

2013 Convertible Opel Carcada

2013 Convertible Opel Carcada Pic

So, in April, when the Opel Cascada wil go on sale in Europe, its average cost in comparable equipment will be 10 thousand Euros less than its direct competitors. This car is part of an aggressive plan for the brand, which is trying to introduce new products in those niches where it was suffering losses. This may also include a compact crossover Mokka and Adam.

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