Opel Adam at the Top

February 24, 2013 at 12:06 pm

Manufacturers Mercedes-Benz and Opel managed to surprise their buyers with new models of compact cars. This has come as a result of the survey published on Thursday by the magazine auto motor und sport among 113,000 readers.

2013 Opel Adam

Photo of 2013 Opel Adam

47 percent of respondents said they did not expect a new car Mercedes A-Class would be so successful. And even greater result was achieved by our beloved brand Opel, with 60 percent of respondents, who were in favor of the small car like the Adam. 51 percent of respondents praised the design of Mercedes A-class, and 61 percent – Adam. For these two models, both automakers have high expectations. Mercedes-Benz wants a new car A-Class to attract primarily young customers and to compete with the Audi A3 and BMW 1. While new Adam seems to be the young generation car in its very basic sense!

2013 Opel Adam

Pic of 2013 Opel Adam

“Adam is a symbol of the future of Opel, the future of Eisenach,” – said the acting head of concern Sedran Thomas in January, when Opel started production of new Adam model. We hope that the company will continue to show great results and offer to its customers the very best it can.

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